Top Posts

If you’re looking for a good place to start reading The Adventure Thief, check out a few of my most popular posts! The ones below are a good place to start.

1. Hometown Glory: How where you grow up shapes who you become – I grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and I wouldn’t be the person I am without it.

2. How high school graduation is becoming a battleground for free speech – In several recent incidences, high school seniors have been victims of surprising restrictions of our first amendment rights.

3. Taylor Swift helps prevent drownings – A story I saw unfold while working at a swimming pool over the summer, proving that music doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve its purpose.

4. Six great things about the so-called “Me Me Me Generation” – Millennials get a bad rap for our supposed entitlement. This post talks about why that reputation is anything but deserved.

5. Nature’s Great Comeback: An Underdog Story – Urban life wages a battle every day against the forces of nature. Read about how some cities are seeking a partnership instead, and how everyone can benefit.


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