What is an Adventure Thief?

I have two main reasons for writing this blog.

First of all, I think I have writing anxiety. Every class paper brings waves of nausea, jolts of stress hormones, and fits of procrastination. I think I’ve worn down the carpet behind my desk from essay-induced pacing. Heck, composing a tweet raises my heart rate. For a student at a liberal arts university working for the school newspaper, a blank page is an extremely inconvenient foe. Because writing is a monster that I have to wrestle every day, this blog is an attempt to address that weakness.

The second purpose of this blog is to explore. I want to take my experience as a millennial American male to explore questions of who we are as a culture, as a generation, and as a country. As a journalist, I intend to explore what captures our attention and what that says about who we are. I want to examine how I live and how my peers are living, how we came to live that way, and how we may live tomorrow. In the midst of all these questions, I see a great and exciting adventure: the chance to intentionally contribute to our collective future.

That’s where the name of this blog comes from. An adventure thief is one who takes the world that he or she has been given and takes it to new heights. One who seizes the given circumstances and molds them into something new. Every question becomes a voyage into the unknown—somewhere unpredictable and exciting. And of course, you must have some fun along the way. As much as anything, that makes us who we are, and its all part of the adventure.

The adventure of being a thief can be big or small. Maybe its taking an art medium and using it to create something new and beautiful. Maybe its taking something learned at work or school and putting a twist on it to make it more efficient or unique. Maybe its taking an unjust situation and volunteering to make things right. This kind of thief always takes, but never without giving back. Every day, courageous people embark on the adventure of seizing our world and not letting go until they have created something better.

I intend to be an unabashed thief—we don’t have a choice, really—and see where it takes me. This adventure doesn’t require a map and campus, just little bit of bravery.


3 thoughts on “What is an Adventure Thief?

  1. That anxiety, by the way, will never diminish! If you’re any good. I’ve been writing for a living for 30 years and my pulse rate is always elevated when working on a story.

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